Read By StoryCloud

Screenshots of the Read By app, featuring a Marie Claire magazine issue

Reading has never been so much fun! Why read alone when you could read with friends? And why settle for simply ink, when you can have a hyperlink? Read By StoryCloud reinvents online publishing by making a traditional experience interactive. For the first time ever, share the reading experience with others, and share specific pictures and text from magazines and books on your favorite social network.

Read By serves as a tool for publishers to enhance their online offerings. Partners can customize the Read By interface with their brand logo, colors, and content. (Marie Claire featured their “Shoes First” issue in the above screenshot.) PDF and EPUB file formats are supported.

Read By was set to revolutionize the way we digested and disseminated print content online. Either it was too revolutionary, or not enough, because StoryCloud had a tough time finding publishers willing to hop on board. I dedicated many months to perfecting the PDF and EPUB reading experiences, but eventually, we ended up letting Read By go.