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At Clover Sites, an empathetic team of designers, programmers and support staff make it easy as cake for anyone—even Grandpa—to build a stunning website for his church.

Serene Ember Tradition Dusk Majesty
5 new themes: Serene, Ember, Tradition, Dusk, Majesty

Clover’s array of website themes instantly provides eye-catching designs suitable for just about any organization’s personality. Within each theme are layouts for donations, sermons and live streams, events, forms, small groups, prayer requests… basically, everything a faith-based organization could desire to engage with congregants.

Event calendar, list, and gallery layouts
Responsive event calendar, list, and gallery layouts
Dynamic and theme-skinned form layout

My team and I have built Clover’s last 5 themes and many of the new layouts and features that have enhanced Clover’s CMS and extended services. Despite the many improvements we’ve made, we’ve still endeavored to keep Clover delightful and easy-to-use.

Icon Menu
New CMS feature: searchable icon menu
Color Picker
New CMS feature: color picker
Prayer Manager
Prayer request management dashboard application